Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Restroom Access Project

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Hello, and welcome to People with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases struggle on a daily basis with their own bodies.

What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)? Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis are two diseases that fall under the Inflammatory Bowel Disease classification. Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis involve inflammation of the intestines that causes painful, bleeding ulcers. People suffering from IBD often require immediate access to a restroom. If patients are unable to gain access to a restroom in time, it could result in an accident that is both embarrassing and painful.

Ally's Law 

Ally Bain was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when she was 11. Her Crohn's Disease has caused her years of pain, discomfort and many hospital stays. At one point, Ally had to have emergency surgery when her colon became perforated. Colon perforation is life-threatening when not dealt with in a timely fashion. When Ally was 14, she and her mother were out shopping when the urge to use the restroom hit her. When you suffer from Crohn's and UC, holding it is not an option. In tears, Ally begged the store manager to allow her access to the employee only restroom facilities. She was denied. Because of this, Ally had an accident. If you have never had an accident, you could never imagine the pain, shame and embarrassment of a situation. Because of this situation, Ally and her mother took action to ensure that people suffering from IBD never had to go through a situation like hers ever again. They got in touch with their local representatives and within months, they helped write a bill that was unanimously voted into law. This law, formerly called the Restroom Access Act, states that any person with a medical emergency must be allowed to access employee only restrooms.

As of September 16, 2015, 15 states have passed versions of this bill. Those states include Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Washington. In Virginia.To learn more about Ally's Law, click here.



Restroom Access Card 

I will be selling the cards for $3.50 each (US Residents Only). This price will include shipping. Eventually, I would like to create cards for the UK and Canada. If you are interested in purchasing a Restroom Access Card, please see the link below or email me at

Why are you selling the cards and not giving them away for free? Like you, I don't have money to spend whenever I can. I have to pay my bills, feed myself and my family, car note, mortgage, medical costs, etc. This project can help so many people who are suffering from IBD get access to restrooms. In order to keep the project going, I have to pay for the cards to be printed and yearly dues to keep this website running. NOTE: All funds from sales of these cards go toward funding this project, IBD awareness and care packages for children with IBD. For information on funds or for questions, please email me.